What to Expect

Ease the stress and anxiety you may be feeling regarding treatment when you learn more about what to expect during your initial appointment.

Jeri Hinman, DPT, LMP, uses the initial patient visit to obtain past medical history and evaluate or assess your current condition. This initial visit allows her to maximize your treatment efficiency. You can expect to receive highly personalized service when you work with Jeri. She believes every patient, and their needs, are unique. That’s why she always take time to create an individualized, holistic plan for you that integrates a variety of treatment techniques to meet your specific needs. Believing hands-on therapy is the best approach to therapy, Jeri avoids the use of machines such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation.

After your initial session, your treatment will consist of 45-60 minute treatment sessions. It is a combination of gathering new information, manual treatments, exercise and education.

ptseattleWhat to Expect